New Lust List Addition: IPad

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Apple's New IPad

Note capability from Apple's New IPad

Checking my email today, brought the latest addition to my lust list… Apple’s New IPad.

Thin, light, just shy of 10” and with capabilities to do all the stuff  I love.  E-books, photos, videos, check the mail, browse the web… oh I was having a real lust crisis.

I’ve been debating about the Kindle, the Nook or a Sony Reader to feed my book addiction, but to have Wi-Fi, 3G capability and note-taking capability in addition to so many of the other things that love do.  The demo for the IPad started calling this writer’s name.   Reasonably priced at $499 to $829, the IPad is within reach.

Available next month, check out the demo at

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