Tunes to rock to while getting all glam… Blue Jeans by Jesse James

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So I admit, I love me some Lifetime Movies.   I love the sweet, sappy romances, the who-done-its where there is a stupid girl that always falls down and even the oddly disturbing baby-swapping, come-find-your-family dramas.

Tonight was Sorority Wars, a story that wrapped up all sweet, but there was this song that caught my ear and I found myself, humming along even after I had left and started making my pizza.

It was Blue Jeans by Jesse James.  I haven’t heard the rest of the CD, but I loved this song.  It’s got a western, pop-y feel that makes you want to move your hips… and thus I just downloaded it from Amazon.  Give me a couple of days and I’ll listen to the whole thing.

Click the link for a snippet and to listen to the catchy tune Blue Jeans by Jesse James

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