All creamy goodness with a hint of salt…

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Let’s get this out, right from the get go.  I adore chocolate.  And not just any chocolate mind you, I’ve been spoiled by the good stuff and find that it is just disappointing to go back.

I was walking by Artisan Confections in Clarendon (Arlington, VA) when I saw the sign advertising samples.  I stepped in and was met immediately by the modern, minimalist decor and the sweet, seductive smell of warm, creamy chocolate.

Like the addict, I might be, I went to the counter and saw the luscious, little bonbons that called my name.   They were like jewels shimmering subtly.  I picked the gold and won.

Luscious chocolate bon bon

Artisan Confections Butter Caramel, ooey goodness

I was rewarded with silky deliciousness.  Not too sweet.  Just buttery, creamy, soft-set goodness.  I could bathe in that stuff.  I won’t, but I could and if there was enough, I probably would, but instead I’ll just pick up 1,2 or 3 more on the way home.  Wanna try?  Give ’em a call, they ship anywhere in the US for somewhere between $7 an $20.  Now how’s that for love.

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